past events

Hoedad Reunion

Pam, Aldo & Loretta 2011 RDI breakfast and luncheon at Pleasant hill. Then for the evening off we go to Stutzmans for their annual christmas tree burning deep in the woods up Winberry and Fall Creek with lots of loggers, a zip line thru the trees lit up with lights,a tiki lounge on the riverbank and a BIG BIG bonfire of perhaps 500 christmas trees

Febuary 10 RdI break fast and luncheon

April 18 Pleasant Hill Jazz festival

Friday night Sarver Winery music series throughout the summer serving at 4 with selected music at 6 an absolutely delightful evening of fine wine and pizza

22,23,24 May Memorial Day weekend Sarver Winery

29 May Sarver Winery

5June Sarver Winery4-9

12 June Sarver Winery4-9

18June Sarver Winery4-9

26 June Sarver Winery4-9

pizza in Michigan and the UP 29 June-15July

19 July Fred and Delores grand daughters wedding

25 July Jordan and Avery wedding at Diamond Woods GC

7 August Sarver Winery 4-9

8 August Madeline and Stephan Wedding

14 August Sarver Winery 4-9

Private event 20 August

21 August Sarver Winery 4-9

28 August Sarver Winery 4-9

19 September Jarod and Sonya wedding at Domaine Merriweather Vineyard

3 October Veteran Heros Dragon boat challenge at Dexter Lake

31 October Private Halloween party

Thanxgiving Weekend at Domaine Merriwether

December 12th & 13th At Domaine’s Christmas giving  craft and art expo

slocum center october 11

Sacred Heart intensive care unit after holiday party at dorris ranch january 6

wedding at the Mahonia hall, Governers Mansion,salem, may 19

sarver winery may thru july weekends



Save Parvin Butte fundraiser 22 Jan 2010               parvin Butte fundraiser Also we’ve just finished up a four day stand at the 2011 Tayberry JamSarver winery2014-07-04 01114706910461_c6a7a09c0c_z14709784302_612d6f0fa1_zLydum wedding 2015-07-19 0062015-07-25 002